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September 26, 2011
Posted by Sam   /   Filed Under : News

Mischa appears in the current issue of LADYGUNN magazine with the most in-depth interview we’ve read from her in quite a while. It’s a great read with some beautiful photos.

On what makes Mischa happy:
“I would have to say music. Music and books. My vinyl collection is imperative to my happiness.”

On the last movie that made Mischa cry:
“The last film I cried in was Harry Potter when Dumbledore died. That’s the kind of thing where I get attached to these characters.”

On the kind of people Mischa is drawn to in her personal life:
“Characters. People who are strong and independent. A little off-beat.”

On the projects Mischa is currently working on:
“It’s strange. Everyone keeps asking me about what I’m working on right now. But it’s quite the opposite. It’s about what projects I’m turning down, which identifies me as the actor I want to be. I’m in this funny phase in my career, where it’s super important to not do a project unless I’m super passionate about it. Because what you choose to take is how people are going to view you. It is hard, though. The way you want to go isn’t necessarily the way you get to go as an actor. This industry is run by fear. When you go too long without working, you have people hassling you. The jobs I choose to do will form who I am.”

On Mischa returning to television:
“Yes, for the right role. Although I’m more interested in guest star roles…During The OC, I was so young, it’s really a shame how these adults in my life and the media were able to portray me. So yes, now that I am adult and know who I am, I would return to television for the right role. But I definitely would keep more control on the environment. Television has been good to me, but it’s so overly publicized.


The full interview is available in the current issue of LADYGUNN. Stockists are available here. Amongst conversation including Mischa’s handbag collection (, her thoughts on Kindle, Mischa’s childhood crush, and her life/future in general, Mischa also goes on to talk more extensively about the topics listed above.

Story: Heather Seidler | Photographer: Joshua Spencer
Stylist: Natalie Toren | Hair: Ramsell Martinez | Makeup: Dina Gregg