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September 19, 2013
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Edit: This movie did not move forward with Mischa or Drake Bell.

Movie crews are shooting in West Michigan this week, as for the next four weeks, filmmakers will be shooting a horror-thriller set in Augusta’s famous Barn Theater.

The film is titled Cawdor, and it’s being directed by Battle Creek native Phil Wurtzel.

He was inspired to write the screenplay while shooting a documentary about the Barn Theater a couple of years ago.

You might recognize some of the leading actors–Cary Elwes, from “The Princess Bride,” Drake Bell, from the TV show “Drake and Josh,” and Mischa Barton from TV’s “The OC.”

But the rest of the cast and crew will be from West Michigan.

Source: CW7

The Barn Theater is going to see some more action after the summer season: Sriel Films Production Co. is going to be using the space to shoot an independent film called “Cawdor.”Phil Wurtzel, owner of Battle Creek Rentals, is the writer, director and producer of this tale of psychological terror. He made a documentary about the Barn Theatre a couple of years ago. There will be Barnies working onscreen and on the crew for “Cawdor.”

Wurtzel is joined by Larry Lee of California as producer. The two made another movie in the area called “Chameleon” back in 1998.

Lee said the story takes place in the fictional town of Cawdor, Mich. A disgraced Broadway director has been reduced to directing a summer stock theater for juvenile delinquents. He decides to put on a production of “Macbeth,” also known as the cursed play. Things start to go wrong and a girl called Vivian, the lead character, isn’t sure if there are supernatural things going on or if she is going insane.

“It’s kind of a roundabout homage, not only to Orson Welles, and him doing ‘Macbeth’ as the first Shakespeare ever presented on film, which was a pretty big deal back in the ’40s when he did it,” Lee said. “But this is also an homage to Roman Polanski, and a film he did with Catherine Deneuve back in 1964 called ‘Repulsion.’ And that’s really what we try to do in our films is reference back to the classics …and just try to bring back that style and that sense into the current film market and what’s going on.”

Filming will take place Oct. 13-30. Most of it will be at the Barn, but some scenes will be shot in Battle Creek.
Source: Battle Creek Enquirer

September 1, 2013
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WWMT is reporting that Mischa has signed on to star in a psychological thriller called “Cawdor.” The director is Phil Wurtzel who also wrote the screenplay. Here is an excerpt from the article, full write-up is at the source.

In the starring roles will be Cary Elwes from cult movie classic “The Princess Bride”, Drake Bell from the Nickelodeon TV show “Drake and Josh” and Mischa Barton from TVs The O.C.. She comes into the theatre to complete a work release program. And while she’s here, things start happening. Like any good horror movie, it gets worse and worse until the end when the ghost, the spirit that’s in this theater, him and her collide in the end, Wurtzel said.

The article mentions that the film is supposed to go into production in September. I’m not sure how accurate that is as Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard starts from September 4th. I guess it’ll depend on how long Mischa is shooting ZK and then whether or not WWMT has accurate information.

Cawdor is now the tenth pending title that Mischa has been attached to within the last few months.