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Welcome to MISCHA(B).COM previously known as MISCHA-B.COM. One of the longest standing fansites for the super eclectic, talented and beautiful Mischa Barton. We opened our doors back in January 2004 and continue to provide current news and photos for Mischa fans the world over. Please note that this website is now paparazzi-free so updates will generally only consist of event appearances and career related topics. Thanks for visiting!
Site Credits

Sam Thanks

I have to first and foremost thank Shanna for starting this site in the first place. Before I became webmaster I was just another daily visitor. She was incredibly kind enough to invite me to join the team and I’ve had a blast ever since! And of course Janine and Nat for being awesome co-webs.

All the guys over at Fanforum for fueling my Mischa obsession! Team Coop! Marie (aka Maalibu/Maz) gets a special shout out for being the most awesome source for Mischa news and pictures. I don’t think we’d have half the finds on this site if it wasn’t for Maz.

Next up, thanks to the guys over at Mischa Forums. We’ve had some ups and downs, lol. But you’re all a bunch of awesome Mischa fans who are also incredibly helpful in keeping the flow of Mischa info and media going. Congrats Jo for keeping the community going strong!

Chiara. For keeping me in check regularly. If I ever forget to add something she’ll be on my tail reminding me. She’s also become our Italian correspodent.

Melly. I’ll forgive you for ditching Mischa to start your own Blake Lively site, but only cause you’re still awesome at sending me scans and stuff! 😉

Gertie for being an impeccable host. This is a mother of a site. So much storage capacity and bandwidth is required to keep it running each day. Also Luciana who quite literally saved our gallery from extinction when the network was attacked by hackers. I had many a heart attacks!

I’m sure there are a ton of other people who deserve credit as Mischa has some of the most awesome and dedicated fans in the world. I do have to mention BlueCrushFan and Amira for being extremely regular contributors to the site. Thanks guys!

Shanna Thanks

This site would not be what it is without the help of some very special people. I’d like to thank the following people for their constant help and support, because without them, would probably not exist:

Janine: Everybody should be as lucky as I am to have a friend like Janine. She has done so much for this site (and for me in general) that I can’t even begin to thank her. She does all the script installation and customizing, helps me with coding, sends in photos and news, and is just an all around great friend. And she does all this while still maintaining her own incredible fansites: Amanda Righetti Fan, Diane Kruger Fan, Erica Durance Fan, Evangeline Lilly Fan, Josh Holloway Fan, Miranda Otta Online, and many others.

Brandon: How many people would offer to host a site for free, that is about 5 GB in size and has thousands of visitors a month? Probably not that many, but luckily for Mischa-B, Brandon is one of those uniquely generous people. Not only does he not charge a penny for the incredible amount of space and bandwith that we use each month, he doesn’t even require any ads to be put up. I don’t know why is does this, except for the fact that he is one extremely generous and kind person. If not for him, I have no idea where Mischa-B would be right now.

Sam: As “The Official Australian Correspondent” Sam makes sure that is up to date with everything going on in Australia. And that is no easy task being as The O.C. and Mischa are extremely popular there. He has spent enormous amounts of money and time buying and scanning Aussie magazines which we would not have access to otherwise. He recently started the site Coop, which is a fansite dedicated to Marissa Cooper and is constantly updated with media from The OC.

Anna: As “The Official Italian Correspondent” Anna, has sent in lots of scans from Italian magazines and newspapers. She is also constantly scouring the web for the latest Mischa photos and news to add to Hardly a day goes by when there isn’t at least one new email from Anna with goodies for the site.

Fo: When I first started this site and was new to the whole world of fansites, Fo is the one who helped me out the most. Coding, pictures, graphics, tips, anything I needed, I knew he would help me out with.

Matt: An expert at capping videos from television, Matt constantly is capping the latest Mischa interviews for the site which enables us to have the videos for you to download, and nice quality screen caps as well.

Thanks also to Jessi, Erin, Jillian, Vanessa, Amanda, Ratib, Ashlee and everyone else who has sent in photos and news of Mischa for use on this site. And of course a big thank you to all other Mischa fans who continue to visit and support this site and help it grow.