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Welcome to MISCHA(B).COM previously known as MISCHA-B.COM. One of the longest standing fansites for the super eclectic, talented and beautiful Mischa Barton. We opened our doors back in January 2004 and continue to provide current news and photos for Mischa fans the world over. Please note that this website is now paparazzi-free so updates will generally only consist of event appearances and career related topics. Thanks for visiting!
Previous Layouts

version 32.0 (September 2012 – Current)
With Mischa stepping into the world of business by establishing a few different tiers of her brand, I wanted something this time that had a rotating banner so that I could display and change header images whenever a new project came up. The main focus was to promote the Mischa’s Place website amongst other things like Mischa’s Twitter page and movie releases. There was no custom designer for this layout, I just ended up purchasing a theme base called Especial and then went to creating all the header images myself. A few memorable site-related events occurred during this layout era, including the largest security breach the site has ever had (to the point where I thought I had lost everything but thankfully my host was able to restore everything) and the decision to stop posting paparazzi candids.

version 32.0 (November 2011 – August 2012)
I’d started seeing layouts pop up around the place with less focus on big header images and I liked the idea of featuring something with a smaller scale design but large sidebar effect. In came Carol from Sin 21 Designs who perfected this style of designing so I thought she’d be the perfect person to create something for mischa-b. The LadyGunn images were playful and the colour accents on top of the grey background worked really well. I did however get some unexpected controversy from this layout as the main image is a shot of Mischa with a somewhat see-through blouse. Actually, controversy is probably the wrong word, it was mainly just a bunch of weird e-mails from strange people telling me how sexy Mischa is in the photo. But that eventually passed before it turned into a big problem, so the layout remained online for quite a while.

version 31.0 (December 1 2010 – October 2011)
This layout was stripped back entirely. The theme base is by Organic Themes with the beautiful header design by Enyel from Chace Crawford Online. I really loved that this layout was so simple looking and that the header was basically the one thing giving it the ‘wow’ factor. Eny did such a great job with the design that it stayed online for almost a whole year. It is definitely one my favourites, if not *the* favourite, and it would have stayed online even longer if I didn’t happen to read that the designer for the next layout was available for orders.

version 30.0 (August 16 2010 – November 30 2010)
For this next layout, I decided to not use a designer and so I went back to making my own header. I still liked the idea of featuring black on the layout, but this time I kept it less intense and made sure to feature white and/or cream for the background areas of the site. This theme base was also from Elegant Themes so I basically just kept the default background colour scheme. The only thing I changed was adding the pops of purple to match back with the header design. The concept of this design was to showcase Mischa’s transatlantic lifestyle.

version 29.0 (July 1 2010 – August 15 2010)
This layout was made by Gordon from (back then the site was called Visions by G). Originally, Gordon had created a truly stunning design that I was obsessed with, that from memory had a blue/white colour scheme to it which I was very fond of. Unfortunately, we had some issues with the placement of the advertisements so that design had to be scrapped. Gordon then re-did the whole layout again with a brand new colour scheme that I think was based around purple hues. That ended up not being used either as Gordon, in the meantime, had developed a new design aesthetic. So we ended up with this very cool looking black layout with pops of red and orange. It also had some awesome flash features that brought the layout to life. I really loved the design initially, but I once again realized that dark layouts don’t really fit the vibe of this site, so I decided to lighten things back up again pretty quickly.

version 28.0 (February 23rd 2010 – June 30 2010)
This layout featured images from Mischa’s shoot for Signature magazine. I loved the photos and had to use them somewhere. I stumbled on an awesome theme base from Elegant Themes and decided to try and make my own design to fit the theme. It’s only the second time I’d personally designed for the site as I normally prefer getting people with more experience but I think it turned out fine. People seemed to also like the fact that I went with a lighter colour scheme again.

version 27.0 (January 9th, 2010 – February 22nd, 2010)
This layout was made by Dan from P!nk Designs. I was looking for something a bit darker since I tend to always go for layouts with a lighter colour scheme. The change was very popular but there was an issue with the placement of the advertisement so it ended up covering too much of the header and thus taking away from the design. I kept the layout online for about a month until I could find something to cater for the advertisements. The advertisements btw are a hosting requirement and keep the site online. I was sad to see this layout go so quickly but ultimately lighter colours are my thing.

version 26.0 (June 6th, 2009 – January 8th, 2010)

This layout was made by the awesome Michele from Luke Grimes Net. The whole concept behind this layout was to have sections promoting the various projects Mischa is involved in (namely her new show, The Beautiful Life: TBL). The layout featured the first set of promo photos that were released for the show. It is one of my favourite layouts the site has ever used. The colour scheme was perfect and representative of the sleek nature of TBL. When TBL was cancelled, the promotional photos of Mischa from the show were replaced with photos from Mischa’s shoot for Donna Moderna magazine.

version 25.0 (April 4th, 2009-June 6th, 2009)
This layout was made by Ronie from SLO Designs (I love her work!) The entire thing was based around a shot that I quickly became obsessed with from Mischa’s photo editorial in Vanity Fair Italy. Mischa is wearing a vibrant pick dress and so the layout was made to fit. A lot of fun! But while this layout was up, it was announced Mischa would be starring in a new show called The Beautiful Life: TBL. So I wanted to get a jump on promoting the show and decided that I needed a layout featuring TBL promo shots. Up goes the next layout.

version 24.0 (October 28, 2008-April 4th, 2009)

This layout stayed around for quite a while as I found this awesome theme at Woo Themes. I pretty much left the entire thing using the default colours as I thought the colour scheme rocked; I just made my own top header and title card. This layout also featured a scrolling updates list allowing people to see all of Mischa’s current projects very quickly and easily.

version 23.0 (September 08, 2008-October 27, 2008)
After the very edgy previous look, I decided to go back to a more classic-looking design. Ronie from SLO Designs developed this very cool look for the site. I LOVED the font and whisk brushes. This layout was actually supposed to remain online for a while longer but I stumbled on a WP theme that I clicked with and just had to use. *points upwards*

version 22.0 (July 05, 2008-September 07, 2008)
I decided it was time for Mischa-B to move into the world of WordPress. It’s a premium blogging software that makes the site much easier to run. This futuristic design was made by Natasha who was incredibly helpful in giving me a crash course in WordPress. I’d never used WP before so I easily could have stuffed everything up. Thankfully it all worked out.

version 21.0 (January 11, 2008-July 04, 2008)
This layout was made by Sara. Another stunning layout made by the incredibly talented Sara. She really has a knack for making really sleek designs. This was also probably one of the more popular layouts we’ve featured. The Mischa image on the right rotated which was a nifty little addition.

version 20.0 (July 14, 2007-January 11, 2008)
This layout was made by Sara. This layout was pretty special to me as it was the first time we featured a sleek design. Sara really hit the nail on the head in terms of the vision I had for this layout. This layout also marks a time of change for the site as the original mischa-forums was closed and a new affiliation with FanForum was born. During this time, we also opened the mischa-b YouTube channel. It was difficult to let this one go cause I really loved everything about it.

version 19.0 (April 27, 2007-July 13, 2007)
This layout was made by Sara. Summer was upon us so I felt it was time for a summery-layout. We’d also spent quite a while with pink-themed layouts so I thought it was time for a drastic change which ended up fitting perfectly with the photos used from Mischa’s SAFE campaign. This layout also marks the first time boxes were used on a layout.

– It is at this time where the transition of head webmaster moves from Shanna to Sam –

version 18.0 (November 14, 2006-April 26, 2007)
This layout was made by Jasmine. In what is probably our “prettiest” layout to date, Jasmine went all out on the funky brushes and textures. This layout was also very popular with visitors of the site so it remained online for many many months. It also marks only the third time a designer was used to create a layout for the site.

version 17.0 (July 22, 2006-November 13, 2006)
This layout was made by Janine. It was kind of an extension of the previous layout as the colour base was still black and white but Janine opted to thrown in shades of pink and purple for contrast. This layout also marks the first time photos of Mischa were used at an event rather than shots from a photo shoot. It was also the first time we used a full size side bar.

version 16.0 (April 3, 2006-July 21, 2006)
This layout was quite a drastic change from previous versions of the site. It was a predominantly black and white layout featuring a quite edgy photo shoot of Mischa. The layout was used for only a few months as I guess people tend to get tired of b/w layouts quicker than other colour schemes. That said, it was still a fun change for the site.

version 15.0 (December 5, 2005-April 2, 2006)
I wanted something totally different from the last layout which I think I accomplished with this one. The colors are softer and the photos more fun rather than sexy. And its something a little different. The photos used are from Mischa’s ad campaign for JC. I’m fairly pleased with how it came out and it seemed to get a positive reaction from visitors.

version 14.0 (August 31, 2005-December 4, 2005)
This gorgeous complex layout was made by my friend Jules. I usually prefer to make my own layouts, but in this case, I was so busy that I didn’t have the time which was delaying the relaunch of the site. Plus Jules is so incredibly talented that when she showed me what she had done, I couldn’t say no. Most of the photos used are from a shoot by Robert Erdmann for Strut magazine. This was one of the most popular layouts which is why it stayed up for 3 months.

version 13.0 (May 16, 2005-August 30, 2005)
I wasnt thrilled with the way this layout came out but I needed to get rid of the previous one already so I just used it. The colors were nice but nothing I havent used before. The photos were from a shoot by for Marie Claire magazine.

version 12.0 (March 28, 2005-May 15, 2005)
This layout started out as a temp layout while I was rebuilding the site on a new server. After a couple days I made it a full layout by adding the navigation but it was still psuedo-temp since there was no side bar. I wasn’t crazy about this layout, but I loved the colors. The shoot is by Dan Flood and I adore the photos. This stayed up longer than anticipated due to a lack of time to create a new more complete layout.

version 11.0 (January 26, 2005-March 27, 2005)
I adore this layout, its definately one of my favorites. When I first put it up, I wasn’t sure if I really liked it. But the longer it was up, the more I liked it. In fact, I still like it now which is somewhat rare for me. It’s a little different then my usual style and I thought the colors were pretty original. I loved the peach/green combo. The photos used are from Instyle magazine which was a gorgeous shoot.

version 10.0 (January 6, 2005-January 25, 2005)
Another temp layout (stupid server problems). The photos are all promos for season 2 of The OC. I had actually started work on this layout months ago and I was planning to use it to celebrate the begining of the secong season of The OC. I never finished it up though because I didn’t really like it. But when I needed a quick temp layout, I pulled it out of my archives and fixed it up a bit. It’s nothing special but it served its purpose for the few weeks it was up.

version 9.0 (November 22, 2004-January 5, 2005)
I spent a long time creating this layout because I needed something that was good enough to follow Janine’s awesome layout. I really liked the way this one came out, but it got very mixed reviews. People either loved it or hated it. I think I got the most feedback regarding this layout. I’m not sure what about it inspired such “controversy.” The photos are from a shoot by David Needleman for Jezebel magazine.

version 8.0 “Wow” (September 29, 2004-November 21, 2004)
This was the first layout that wasn’t created by me. This magnificent layout is credited to my friend Janine. The photos used are from a shoot by James White for British GQ magazine. I loved everything about this one, the blend, the criss-cross lines, and the color. Janine also coded the site into php (from html). This layout got such great feedback it was up for almost 2 months.

version 7.0 “Classic Elegance” (August 12, 2004-September 28, 2004)
This layout got great feedback, I loved the elegance of it and the contrast of the bright torquoise with the grays. The photos used are from a shoot by Lionel De Luy. This is the second layout featuring a shoot of his. As usual, the graphics were made with Adobe photoshop and the layout and coding with Dreamweaver

version 6.0 “Temp Layout” (July 21, 2004-August 11, 2004)
This was a temp layout that was put up for a few weeks while the main server was having a few problems. I actually don’t really like this layout so much, but I wanted to get something up so I threw this together in about 20 minuted. Its not horrible, but I’m glad I only needed it up for a short time. The photos used are from a photoshoot by Diego Uchtiel for Elle Magazine.

version 5.0 “Pretty in Pink” (June 14, 2004-July 20, 2004)
This was definately my favorite layout so far. It uses 4 pictures from a Lionel de Luy photoshoot that I loved. It was my first attempt at brushes and in my opinion, a pretty good one. I also went with a different look for the side bars which I thought was cool. And of course, I loved the pink. I probably would’ve kept this layout up for longer, but we had server problems the whole site needed to be uploaded again. Since I was doing all that work already, I decided a new layout was in order.

version 4.0 “Summer Fun” (May 18, 2004-June 13, 2004)
This fourth layout was made with Adobe Photoshop using outtakes from the YM December 2003 photoshoot, by Jonathan Skow. With the start of summer, the previous layout seemed too dark and I wanted something that just screamed “summer.” So her we have Summer Fun. I liked the way the top banner came out. Simple, but nice looking. Because of the simplicity, it got a boring real fast. So I began work on version 5.

version 3.0 “Total Perfection” (April 10, 2004-May 17, 2004)
This third layout was made with Adobe Photoshop using 1 photo from the Los Angeles Magazine shoot. That magazine shoot is my absolute favorite and I wanted to incorporate them into a layout, but I wasn’t get a nice looking blend fro a few photos. So I came up with the idea to just use 1. I think it came out pretty good. I called it “Total Perfection” since there are no other words to describe how awesome Mischa looks in the photo. This layout got a lot of positive feedback, but with the start of summer, I decided it was time to lighten up, and so started version 4.0

version 2.0 “Eternal Laughter” (February 26, 2004-April 9, 2004)
This second layout was made with Adobe Photoshop using photos from a Patrick Fraiser photoshoot. This was really only a partial redesign since I used the same basic layout as “Startling Revelations” just with new graphics. I loved this design because the photoshoot is one of my favorites. I called it “Eternal Laughter” since Mischa looks so happy in the photos and the layout seemed very light and fun. I decided that it was time for a darker layout so onto version 3.0

version 1.0 “Startling Revelations” (January 11, 2004-February 25, 2004)
This was the first layout I made for Mischa-B. I made it in Adobe Photoshop using pictures from the Hollywood Life magazine photoshoot. This version was named Startling Revelations because the design seemed somewhat dramatic. I really enjoyed this design, but got bored of it pretty quickly since I had been looking at it for months while creating the site.