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July 21, 2009
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LOS ANGELES — Mischa Barton is “making improvements” and plans a return to work nearly a week after Los Angeles police say they escorted her for an undisclosed medical problem.

Spokesman Craig Schneider says the 23-year-old actress is “still seeking treatment but making improvements.”

He would not elaborate on Barton’s condition, but said Tuesday that Barton planned to report to work on the new CW series “The Beautiful Life” later this month. A CW spokesman for the show, which stars Barton as a pill-popping supermodel, said production was scheduled to begin July 31.

Police say they removed Barton from her home last Wednesday for an undisclosed medical problem. The department will not say what it was.

Google news Via The Associated Press

3 responses to “Publicist: Mischa Barton ‘making improvements’”

  1. Chris says:

    Glad to hear it!

  2. Olly says:

    Get well soon you beauty.Her publicity agent,Mr.Craig Schneider’s ‘economies with the truth’ – ‘wisdom tooth pain,my arse!’ – to protect her public image at all costs, -when of course he must have been all too well aware Misch was caning the charlie all over LA and London Clubland-,and protect his mucho dollar income, has done sweet MB,no favours whatsoever. I hope this immoral parasitical no-mark is sacked toute-de-suite.
    Mischa has good manners,cultivation,intelligence and a natural sweet caring nature – more so than Spears,who done a great come-back fom her bleakest moments — and with the love of her family and some patience she’ll come back stronger and better from this searing,scary painful experience and delight us again.
    God go with you,sad-eyed beauty – Keep the faith – for out of darkness comes light – the grimmest hour of the night is before the (re)dawn.
    As Grandmaster Flash told us “White Lines – don’t do it!’ A truly crap drug that has sucked MB’s mojo (temporarily!) away.

  3. Olly says:

    Has Craig Schneider, – MB’s publicity agent and spokesman – really got MB’s best interest at heart? Through telling cheap lies on her behalf he has earned plenty of bucks but explaining 2007 melt-down as ‘ heavy flu’ and recent horrendous appearance altereing 3-day Charlie binge episode as’ Wisdom tooth pain’ is doing when all along he MUST have been aware of a substance abuse problem has done MB no favours.
    He has failed in A Duty Of Care,he has failed most of all MB herself,her parents Paaul and Nuala and her legions of Global fans. In The Name of God Go! Sack the leech now.

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