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March 17, 2011
Posted by Sam   /   Filed Under : Video

I don’t think I have to explain my opinions on this video so I’ll skip my usual rant. But clearly this is going to be a “WTF, Mischa” vs a “WTF, douche photographer” moment so here is the video and draw your own conclusions.

11 responses to “Mischa vs the photographer”

  1. Caleb says:

    I personally think she overracted, or maybe just acted out too soon. Or her friend, whoever was pushing him. She should have politely asked him not to film a couple of times before going off, but he was being dumb, and the OC question really was douchy.

  2. Piero says:

    In my opinion and you always.
    Sweet and beautiful with a beautiful face

    I adore you Mischa, Hold on to the intrusion of photographers, you are strong

  3. Kimm says:

    The guy is not a photographer, he’s actually a DJ on a morning radio show. She totally over-reacted. It was pretty funny hearing him talk about her on the radio. And her friend – it’s Mischa’s sister. The one who has been in and out of rehab – and she attempts to protect her sister and never drops a drip of her drink. I have to say – Mischa’s been seen drunk at many of the events.

  4. Olly says:

    From the moment the malice-aforethought pusillanimous weedy stunt-jock Lunchbox posed the assinine faux-naive OC question he deserved to be kneed in the lunchbox.
    I have watched 6 of Lunchbox’s video skits on YouTube.They are all as amusing as genital warts.
    You allege,puritan judgmental Kimm, that Mischa is often drunk at events…woo hoo! big deal! If true she is over 21 and why the devil not? Isn’t this exactly the normal,regular behaviour of most young people at festivals?
    In the UK Sarah Harding of the very popular Girls Aloud girl group is regularly featured in the biggest-selling newspaper The Sun as being Caner of The Year.She is consistently notoriously drunk at many celeb gatherings.She is lauded for her drinking capacity not castigated.

    Calling All Mischa Fans! Now is the time to show your loyalty and devotion!
    Go to the offending YouTube video and keep repeatedly giving thumbs up to the 2 highest-rated Pro-Mischa comments and thumbs down to all the rest,the nasty sexist,chauvinist comments written by Bobby Bones Radio Show followers and random mean girls.

  5. ij says:

    Yeah, the guy set out to wind her up with his crummy comments. if you are having a reasonably private conversation and someone shoves a camera in your face and starts winding you up you would get a little cheesed off but she and her sister certaintly went for him – deservedly so. Unfortunately this is just what the paps want i think. They provoke intentionally. Doesn’t her sister look just like her now though?

  6. ij says:

    Must add though I think she looks really beautiful here – lost some weight again – her sisters nice looking too…mind you I wouldn’t like to be in her bad books…

  7. ij says:

    Actually, maybe this needs to be put in perspective. She has had a lot of really gross and over the top criticism and rather unfair judgement from the media over the last few years so i suppose that would make her a little more hostile to them…

  8. Anne says:

    I actually know of the guy who took the video, he’s on a local radio show every morning and is a total asshole so he definitely got what he deserved. He’s a jerk to highest extent and so other colorful words.

  9. ij says:

    I couldn’t agree more – at the end of the clip he says – “that was great”. What a creep/jerk etc etc etc.

  10. vivian says:

    What an asshole that guy is

  11. divafantastic says:

    Mischa wasn’t bad but her sister was out of control. The photog was douchy.

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