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January 27, 2011
Posted by Sam   /   Filed Under : News

Got To Dance judge Adam Garcia and The O.C’s Mischa Barton have reportedly signed up for a new two-part comedy drama titled ‘The Hen Do.’

Unreality TV were chatting with actress and writer Lucy Brown yesterday, about her imminent return to ITV’s Primeval this weekend, when she revealed details on her newest TV project.

During our interview, Lucy explained that she and her writing partner Olivia Poulet (The Thick Of It) have teamed up with Caveman Films and producers Andy Serkis (aka Gollum) and John Cavendish (Bridget Jones) for the show, which is currently in it’s casting phase. It will be set on the party island on Ibiza and explaining more about the venture Brown said:

I’ve just written a two-part comedy drama with my writing partner Olivia Poulet. We’re in the middle of casting and Caveman Films are our producers and Andy Serkis is our executive and John Cavendish. We’re attaching a major cast at the moment – we’ve attached Adam Garcia and just before Christmas we attached Mischa Barton, which is fantastic!

It’s exciting times, exciting to see things happening from the other side of the table as well. I give full credit to Adrian (Hodges) and the writers and creators of shows like Primeval now because I’m starting to understand it all a little better.

It’s called The Hen Do and it’s about a hen do that goes awry in Ibiza amongst other places. It’s going to be a fun comedy drama!


2 responses to “Mischa Barton signs up for new comedy The Hen Do?”

  1. Caleb says:

    All these films seem to be attatched to her, hopefully shes still doing Apartment 1303 (which sounds the most promising at at this moment).

  2. Olly says:

    That sounds a very London/GB- based sort of project….reading between the lines maybe that’s so Mischa can spend more time with her boyfriend.?? I hope this relationship continues to go well for MB – say what you like about Ali Love’s two-bob,second-rate derivative Calvin Harris-like music or mention that his eyes are too close together – [me jealous? never ;-)] – but he gives MB stability & love and at least he’s not an entitled idle spoilt rich-kid waster a la Cisco Adler or Brandon Davis.The best thing any Mischa partner can do is keep schtum and keep a low profile.Ali Love is doing both of these things perfectly.

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