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October 12, 2010
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Mischa Barton has exclusively told OK! that she is furious about how she was portrayed in Fearne Cotton’s documentary.

Troubled star Mischa Barton was followed around by Fearne Cotton a camera crew in show that delved into the young star’s life.

However, the 24-year-old has hit back explaining that she felt wrongly portrayed in the documentary.

Mischa said: “I think Fearne Cotton’s show is a joke and she’s a joke. I can’t hear Fearne’s name without seeing red.

“I wish I hadn’t done it and that’s bad because there are enough misconceptions about me in the press. She’s got nothing to lose if she makes a more salacious story, she’s only got everything to gain.

“I just find her messed up to be honest.”

During the programme there was a point where Mischa kept Fearne waiting around outside her home.

Mischa says: “Fearne never let on that she was irritated about waiting. She acts like everything’s so great and she loves you and they cut it together and make it seem like it was a terribly painful experience for them.

“I don’t want to start a feud with her, it’s not worth it to me. She likes the fame, it doesn’t affect her like it affects the people she’s documenting.”

She added: ‘I cried my eyes out when I first saw it because I was like: ‘Are you kidding me? This is the way you want to portray me? I’ve let you into my life.”


14 responses to “Mischa Barton: “Fearne Cotton is a joke””

  1. T.W. says:

    wow, how could Fearne do that! i’m pretty sure she did all that editing to make it look interesting so more people would watch her show!!! And I kinda got suspicous while watching the episode because when Fearne was waiting for Mischa in L.A. outside her house, she was all happy. i think she should’ve said something to Mischa!!! Mischa looks goergous in that pic!!!

  2. Daniel says:

    Yeah, Mischa needs to grow up a little. She is the one that made Fearne wait a number of time. Fearne didn’t make it up. And it wasn’t trashing her, it showed her as Mischa is. And why would she think Fearne wouldn’t mind standing outside her house for hours, or wait for an hour while Mischa smokes and chats with her makeup artist? If someone did that to her, Mischa would be pissed.

  3. Sam says:

    Oh, please. Every single media outlet in the world waits for celebrities. Especially when its an all day shoot.

    Mischa is not denying that Fearne was made to wait. She is simply pointing out that Fearne never told Mischa she had a problem and instead decided to use the footage in the final cut of the show to paint Mischa in a negative light.

    Fearne Cotton’s show is a walking tabloid and I think its incredibly unfortunate that Fearne and her team have been successful in their two-faced ways.

    The only issue I have is that Mischa’s team wasn’t able to protect her from being tarnished by ITV2. They should have known better.

  4. kadence says:

    Except that Mischa is being interviewed for a show about her and they had particular times that they were meeting up. I doubt Fearne showed up hours early in order to make Mischa look bad. Making people wait is considered unprofessional.

    If you are doing a show about someone, why do they have to show the positive things. I think it was a fair portrayal based on what happened. The London bit was for the most part rather positive. If she didn’t make Fearne wait constantly in LA or not be there when origially agreed upon (missed flight), than I doubt very much anyone would have thought it was a negative portrayal.

    Oh and Mischa was paid for that interview. Her team did their best – it was Mischa that screwed up.

    You are delusional

  5. Sam says:

    I’m certainly not going to take Fearne Cotton’s side in this situation when I saw with my own two eyes how Fearne would suck up to Mischa on camera and then complain about her when she was not there.

    For a show that you claim was supposedly about Mischa, a whole lot of it was actually about Fearne Cotton complaining to camera. To camera only.

    And you want to talk about being unprofessional? How about you talk about misrepresentation. As I’ve mentioned before, Fearne was ONLY supposed to be the interviewer in this scenario, the onus is on her to appease Mischa who is in essence her client. Where does she get off whining (again, ONLY to camera) and then sensationalizing everything even further during the editing process.

    Mischa has every right to be pissed off that Fearne’s off camera snarky commentary was made a focus of the show.

    If you really think that Fearne and her team truly have clean hands in this whole mess of a show, then allow me to throw the “you are delusional” sentiment right back at ya.

  6. Samm says:

    Who actually gives a shit about Mischa Barton? This show backed up my opinion that she’s a vile little creature, good on fearne, Mischa came across as a right dick on this show and yeah that might have something to do with editing, but she actually did all that shit. She’s only crying because it’s made her look like even more of an annoying twat, but the truth hurts.

  7. ij says:

    No, Fearne Cotton was totally two faced in this. During the programme Cotton was friendly and nice to Mischa at the same time as Cottons voiceover was criticising her! It was gross, really immature of Cotton and ruined the programme. Cotton is a little insecure and lacks confidence. She is useless at interviewing people. Actually I think more people will come away from the programme having a negative opinion of Fearne Cotton.

  8. Josue says:

    fearne is two face she never told mischa that she had a problem

  9. Sam says:

    Err, the fact that you’re visiting a Mischa Barton fansite – FAN being the operative word – should probably give you an idea that people care.

    The only dicks here are the folks who visit with the sole intention of being nasty. So please feel free to get lost.

  10. Samm says:

    Well i googled the story and this was the first site that came up bab. She should have realised the risk when she agreed to go on the show that she might be edited in a bad light, obviously Fearne isnt going to be like ‘Oh yeah im really pissed off that you’ve made me wait’ because then Mischa would have quit the show. She’s a dickhead end of!

  11. Martha to Samm says:

    Oh girl you’re so vicious and mean human being – I’am sorry for you, because the only thing that you can do is to insult people.

  12. ij says:

    No, I think it was more than just being edited in a bad light – Cotton was really immature and two faced – it spoilt the programme completely. Overall I do not see any reason for Cotton to be so unpleasant and two faced especially considering she was given so much access to Mischas home and life. I think that more people willhave lost respect for Fearne Cotton than come away with a negative opinion of Mishca Barton.

  13. zaneta says:

    i think mischa changed a lot since the oc,used to be her fan for so so long,now dui,parties,weight problems etc etc,i think shes a bit 2faced as well,shes not the same anymore,can u not see that shes sayin one thing and doing the other?of course shes upset about this program,cos it shows true.

    and ps.
    who is takin her furniture as luggage ?


  14. Daisy says:

    Fearne is a stupid woman who can only manipulates people. I will never whach her shows. Mischa may have changed since the OC but that’s normal. We all change! She is just a honest person.

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