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September 9, 2010
Posted by Sam   /   Filed Under : Video

Here is Mischa’s appearance on “Fearne And…” which aired last night on ITV2 in the UK.

[Part 3] [Part 4]

Mischa was a trending topic on Twitter in the UK while this aired and a lot of people had strong opinions on the show. Some people thought Mischa was  snobby/a diva while others had some kinder opinions. IMO, it was a pretty fun segment, but we didn’t really learn anything new. I think a 10 minute sit down interview with some more complex questioning would have been a better option over having Fearne just run around following Mischa. Especially since Fearne was complaining about the long delays, lol.

I can only speak for myself in saying this, but I’m a fan of Mischa because she’s not who you expect her to be. On face value, you’d assume that such a beauty would fit into that California Girl lifestyle to a tee. But instead she’s this eclectic mix of New York, London and LA so you never really know which influence is going to come out more on any given day. The press would be much easier on Mischa if she were just a run of the mill California actress, but its the quirks and the imperfections that make Mischa interesting. There’s a story and there’s a journey with Mischa that you just don’t get with many other stars.

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  1. kadence says:

    Thanks for posting. I’m not sure about the quirks, but she she appears to be a self-indulgent, entitled brat. She is a typical wealthy girl who has no concept of anything beyond her own needs. To just leave someone waiting outside for hours, is not a quirk. It’s rude and a little shocking. If someone did that to her, I’m sure Mischa would not be pleased.

  2. Sam says:

    Well now you’re just taking one side of the story as gospel.

    We don’t know how filming was organized for this segment. Mischa has been in the business for many years and has participated in countless shoots and on set call times without issue before.

    Also, Mischa is the talent in this scenario, so ITV and Fearne Cotton are supposed to work around her. They are not supposed to vilify her for their own impatience. The press accommodates the star, not the other way around.

  3. Sara says:

    I met Mischa about four years ago and she was so sweet. I believe she is still that sweet and down to earth girl.

  4. Olly says:

    Extremely eloquently put,Sam.(…much better than the rhubarb I’ve been writing on this site too much lately,apologies,I’ll try & knock it on the head after this post..)
    Fearne says at the start of the second segment ‘we’ve heard that Mischa’s missed her flight..’ well it doesn’t take too much nous after that to figure she’d be sleeping off jet-lag when she finally got one.The whole premise is artificial and bogus : 1)Fearne Cotton has visited LA many times in the past, this is not her one chance to see the sights. 2)What’s wrong with helping clean Maude? Does she really expect to be imaginatively entertained by Mischa for 3 days? 3)She sympathises with MB for the sort of prison MB’s kept in by paps and the press and yet expects MB to immediately trust/bond with her?
    My sister has worked as Features Editor on English newspapers where every star or personality routinely keeps the journalist waiting.This is very often not mentioned in the entirely positive,flattering ‘puff’ or ‘snow’ piece that follows.That is the convention.’The press accommodates the star’as Sam says.Cotton’s whinging style seems to follow on from Nick Broomfield’s then ground-breaking documentaries of the 80’s where he’s forever not meeting his target and moaning.That style has worn thin.

    Ah nuts,’nuff said by me.As Sara writes above, her true fans know how sweet Mischa really is at heart and I don’t think any great real lasting harm has been done to Mischa’s rep by this show.As Sam says,Mischa has had NOT ONE (that I know of) publically-stated complaint about her punctuality on photo or film shoots over her many years as a professional in the business.

  5. ij says:

    Yeah, there is also the fact that the star will be concerned that the interviewer may stitch her up behind her back – which is exactly what happened. So it is not really a comfortable experience for her…the interviewer made me sick actually…I was disapointed in the interviewers approach and behaviour…It spoilt the programme

  6. cmr says:

    I agree that Mischa was set-up here to some degree. Fearne, no doubt deliberately, kept referring to things that Mischa has done (according to the tabloids, such as her apparent night-out with Amy Winehouse), usually not in front of Mischa, which didn’t improve the tone of the show, in fact it coloured it unfairly.

    The reason probably is that the flawed press image of Mischa, where everything gets spun or twisted out of proportion, has become so powerful that it almost feeds itself. Everything that is reported about Mischa nearly always ends up with a nasty taste to it (although most of her ‘classier’ magazine coverage (i.e. NOT the gossip ones such as OK!, Heat, etc) usually presents her in a more positive light), especially when phrases like ‘troubled starlet’ are used as this quickly primes the reader/viewer as to what they might (hope?!) to find out in the piece, so they may focus on that angle instead of being a bit more open-minded about Mischa. A lot of her press coverage as a result is now intended to contribute to that image simply because that is what people expect to see about her.

    Mischa can’t really win if the show’s makers assumed (no doubt knowing where their bread is buttered, ratings-wise) that the public just want to find-out if that image is true, so they make the show to feed that demand, rather than to portray the truth about its subject.

    Maybe Mischa agreed to it hoping that it would try and dispel some of her press coverage, if so she’s been a bit disappointed, and I also agree that she wasn’t likely to just open-up to Fearne about her life, she can’t have trusted her enough to do so. I wouldn’t in her shoes, she must have had some suspicions from past experience about how the show was going to end-up and so was careful what she did/said during it, since the final control over what would be in it lay with it’s producers/editors, not her!

  7. ij says:

    I saw the bit where Fearne was supposedly waiting for four hours outside Mischas home on the repeat in the UK this week. We did not see Fearne ring a bell, knock on the door or windows and when she did get through to Mischa on her mobile Mischa sounded surprised when Fearne told her she was at the front door – it is possible Mischa did not even know she was there. It was all a bit suspicious and dodgy if you ask me…

  8. cmr says:

    Good point IJ, I didn’t notice that…… It does seem that Fearne was trying to score points, cheaply at times if you ask me. It contrasts with Gok Wan’s approach during his feature with Mischa a while ago, he was much more open about her and more accomodating of her quirks…….

  9. Rafa says:

    i just watched this yesterday!! Mischa is so weird but in a good way!! she is so cute! sometimes she does seem to be a diva, but NOBODY’S perfect so whatever!

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