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December 7, 2010
Posted by Sam   /   Filed Under : Video

Here is Mischa’s appearance on Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night. It was a funny show and Mischa looked beautiful! The video has been split into two parts.

8 responses to “Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night – The Videos”

  1. vera says:

    Hey Sam! It’s me, Vera from Austria!

    I’m still checking your site almost everyday!

    Thanks a lot for posting so regularly, I’m always happy when i see Mischa on the screen again!

    She looks gorgeous! 😉 I love the videos!

  2. ij says:

    A was a bit worried at the start of this show when the audience voted and only 16 percent of them thought Mischa would win. She looked at little cheesed off about that but she came across really well and finished a close second. She looked well and a lot happier.

  3. Olly says:

    She looked well and proved to be a good sport & enthusiastic guest BUT although I might merely intensely dislike the vapid and disingenuous,intellectual bantamweight,Ms. Fearne Cotton, I completely utterly loath and abhor the rank,crass & charmless Leeds lump of lard called Mr. Chris Moyles.He makes me shiver with disgust and dread and I find it very hard to watch or listen to – he’s a national radio dj – anything he’s in or on for longer than 0.000000013 seconds.These are two of the biggest jerks on British television and I think it’s a shame that Misch has to demean herself by indulging & flattering such douches.If she’s gonna do the odd bit of Brit TV it’s a shame she can’t do something with a bit more cool or cachet,such as a special guest on Peep Show,f’rinstance.Fingers crossed that one of MB’s forthcoming movies is a palpable box office &/or critical success.

  4. ij says:

    Yeah, i see what you mean to a cetain extent (you are especially right about f cotton) but i did not think Moyles was bad on the programme. He was certaintly very polite and complimented Mischa a lot – the programme is pretty vapid though. Mischa came out of it well though.

  5. ij says:

    I must add though that the f cotton show still leaves a really bad feeling in my stomach. It really was gross to see Cotton being polite and friendly to her on film and at the same time slagging her off on the voice over she added later. That was so sad, pathetic and juvenile. I was really looking forward to the programme and Cotton ruined what could have been a really interesting documentary (Cottons questions were crap too).

  6. Olly says:

    Spot on, ij.
    In the time running up to the 1982 Falklands War,as world-wide politicians tried to prevent conflict,plain-dealing American diplomat General Al Haig called the British Foreign Secretary,Lord Peter Carrington, “the most duplicitous – (two-faced) – son-of-a-bitch I’ve ever met in my life.” Fearne Cotton outdoes him.
    She comes on like a lamb.. (with the bogus disingenuous line)…’I just wanna be your friend’ and then with the help of final editorial control,stitches-up & condemns/savages like a wolf, her hapless victim who has no right of reply.In the same series,Perez Hilton & Beth Ditto,being very media savvy, knew just how to keep FC purring but dear sweet,ingenuous Mischa got turned over.
    For the love of Meesh,If there’s an issue with pre-arranged appointment time-keeping tell MB to her face on camera,FFS!…FC did not & condemned MB out-of-hand…so much BS.

  7. Olly says:

    ij,you’re also right about Moyles here -(now I’ve actually watched the prog without going off the deep end,sight unseen,with a bigoted rant)- this is the least objectional & even quite funny I’ve seen of him.MB does pretty damn well too.
    [Apologies to all Mischa fans about too many O.T.T ranting comments from me. I’ll TRY & curb myself a bit in future 😉 ]

  8. ij says:

    Yeah, i would never usually listen to him on the radio but i have listened a couple of times recently and been surprised that he is actually quite funny and not obnoxious. Maybe he is mellowing with age? I watched the f cotton show on craig david just to see if she was as bitchy/two faced to him as she was to mischa and at one point in the show C david says to her really nicely – “come over and stay with us sometime and bring your boyfriend” and cotton justed stared at him and said absolutely nothing. I mean even if you arent interested you can at least be polite and say – yeah ok – even if you dont mean it. Her social skills leave a little to be desired i think.

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