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July 5, 2008
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Scans of Mischa from Italian Chi Magazine have been uploaded to the gallery. The photos are brand new and are featured in the magazine to promote the October release of Virgin Territory in Italy. Thanks to Chiara for scanning!

Cannes, July
“A journey into innocence, romance and idealism towards the passion, to discover the funniest side of sex”. That’s how Mischa Barton, the young actress who owes her popularity to the TV series The O.C., defines her intense adventure on the set of the movie Decameron Pie ( ), one of the films we’re looking forward the most in the next season. Movie will land in italian cinemas in October, produced by Dino De Lauretiis and Roberto Cavalli, who also designed all the costumes. The cast includes Hayden Christensen, Tim Roth and Anna Galiena as well. In this contemporary transposition of Boccaccio’s masterpiece, which was filmed in Florence, Bracciano, the countryside around Siena and the studios of Cinecitta’, Mischa Barton plays the role of the most sensual object of desire: Pampinea Anastagi, heiress of a rich family from Florence…a city devastated with the so-called ‘Black Death’ because of the plague epidemic in 1348.
“My Decameron Pie is a novel set out of time, dealing with love, sex, adventure, freedom, rebellion, dreams: all topics that young people have got to face up, nowadays as much as in the past” explains producer D. De Laurentiis.
“My character is very chast and romantic…you won’t ever see me naked, not in one scene” tells the actress who, in this modern fairy tale where love, eros and rules infringement mix together, falls in love with the charming Lorenzo De Lamberti played by Hayden Christensen (Star Wars). “On the set, I succeed in seducing the handsome Lorenzo with a kiss, just one kiss”.
A very hot kiss, that apparently left its mark even after the shooting was over. “No love story was born on the set. Every time you have to kiss one of your co-stars because it’s on the script, they automatically assume you’re dating them”. That’s the comment of the actress who’s been hanging out for some months with musician Taylor Locke from Rooney, after she had been single for a while for breaking up with Whitestarr’s rocker Cisco Adler (they dated from August 2005 to February 2007). Barton has recently followed her new boyfriend on tour all around Europe, like the most passionate groupie ever. And Europe itself has become her favourite destination in the last few months. The actress, born in London from an Irish mother she loves to death, settled in NY when she was just 5…although she has lately run away from the temptations of Hollywood (where she owns an amazing mansion on the hills of Beverly Hills) after that sad December, 27th when she was arrested for DUI, marjuana possession and driving with an expired license. She got away with a 1700$ fine, 3 years of probation and a 3-month special class about alcohol awareness she must attend. “Of course I am 100% responsible of my actions…I mean I am not perfect and I do not intend doing something so stupid again…” she comments.
After being processed, Mischa Barton flew to Paris. “I’ve always wished to live there!” confesses the actress, who will soon star next to Bruce Willis on Assassination of a High School President. Paris looks like the perfect city for an actress who’s also become a style icon throughout the years. “I love to root out vintage items in some old markets. I mix them with designer clothes. But my mom’s the real stylish member of the family. She’s Irish but she grew up in the swinging London of the Sixties and was a photographer for a long time” tells us Mischa, who is about to launch her first handbag collection, completely designed by the actress herself and inspired by the vintage suggestions she gathered travelling all around the world. Her creations will be available from this July in UK stores.

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