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May 16, 2013
Posted by Sam   /   Filed Under : Candids, Gallery

Photos of Mischa and Sebastian at a clinic in LA have been added.

Clinic Clinic  Clinic Clinic

Photos of Mischa at Gelson’s supermarket in LA have also been added.

Gelsons Gelsons Gelsons Gelsons

8 responses to “Candids Catch-Up”

  1. Chris K says:

    She looks bad … Any idea if she’s going to Cannes ?

  2. ij says:

    she still looks good – if you want to sort weight issues out – it’s simple – go running (up and down hills i.e in the outdoors not in a gym) for 50 minutes once EVERY three days (but every three days – can’t miss any sessions!)) and you can eat just about whatever you like and all the fat on your bod goes – simples!

  3. ij says:

    p.s no jogging though you’ve got to push yourself…

  4. ij says:

    p.s 2 it takes 3 to 6 months to get reasonably fit, then 6 to 12 to get super fit then after that the run’s a doddle…

  5. Chris K says:

    You seem a little confused because your comments make not sense and fail to make a valid point. It’s stupid to imply that I want her to starve or something. I don’t want her to be like every other hollywood starlet but I’ve been her number one fan since the OC and I think she’s lazy and a little snobbish. She has this huge talent and yet shes not being seen or in any movie that make it to France. She has this beauty and yet she neglects it. She doesnt take care of her body which is soooo important when your an actor in the spotlight. She claims she gets fit only when she has a role. How dumb is that ? This weight fluctuation is what gets her tabloid attention. She deserves better. If she wants to showcase her talent and want the interesting people to notice it she has to stop feeding the public eye with starving and yoyo weight ! Play the game !!! Shes good but nobody knows her or has her back ! As a fan I sometimes would like to meet her just to tell her to get a publicist ! I want her to succeed !

  6. ij says:

    no, my comments do make sense i think there may be a language problem here….p.s “doddle” means easy. I was just saying that a good 50 minute run once every three days really gets you fit and just makes you lose any excess weight to the point where you can eat more and not put on weight…it takes time but it’s worth it

  7. Olly says:

    Breathtakingly conflicted non-sequitur of a sentence from Chris K : ‘I’ve been her number one fan since The OC and I think she’s lazy and a little snobbish.’
    Any relation to Fearne Cotton?

  8. Chris says:

    The French fansite has the following quote about the LA Clinic photos (translated from French):

    “The reasons for this visit are unknown, although some sources claim it to venture there was to legally obtain marijuana.”

    “Some sources” could mean anything of course (!), but if such rumours are circulating then it is unfortunate. I really, really hope that all that stuff is behind her, since she seems to be doing so well again career-wise.

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