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April 23, 2013
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It has been a long wait for this movie to come out, but it looks like finally we’ve got some movement on upcoming releases. Here is the stunning trailer for Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain co-starring Kal Penn and Martin Sheen. The movie is inspired by real events surrounding the horrific gas tragedy in India. Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain will be screening at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

We’ve been waiting a long time to see Mischa in a real dramatic movie, and here it is.

Dilip, a rickshaw driver in Bhopal, India, lands himself a job at the Union Carbide plant. It is a chance to prove his worth to his family and pull them out of poverty. The job is tough with long hours; everyone is desperate to hold on to their pay cheque and so Dilip keeps quiet when he notices managers at the plant ignoring safety standards.

Dilip’s long time friend, Motwani, a tabloid journalist knows that Bhopal residents complain of the constant stench in the air and wake up at night choking from the gas. He is on a mission to expose what he believes is a deadly time bomb ticking away in his home town. He feels as if no one will listen but when he meets feisty American journalist, Eva, he sees a ray of hope and persuades her to confront Carbide executive Warren Anderson.

As Eva and Motwani endeavour to delve deeper into Carbide’s activities, Dilip is using every resource necessary to pay and plan for his sister’s wedding. When the wedding night arrives the family are full of joy and celebration as two families join together as one. But as the music plays an invisible catastrophe is working its way throughout the town and wedding party. One by one the guests start to feel unwell the largest tower at the Carbide plant spews poisonous gas into the night air; one by one they collapse; and one by one they unknowingly become a statistic in the world’s largest chemical disaster to date.

Nearly thirty years later as the plant stands as a ghost-like constant reminder, the water in Bhopal is still contaminated and one person a day dies as a direct result of the tragedy, Eva visits the now retired Anderson. Will he finally bow down and apologise? Or will he continue to deny that Carbide had any part to play…?

Trailer and synopsis via GFM Films.

2 responses to “Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain – Trailer”

  1. MIKE says:

    wow this movie has been canned like 4 years i think…

    actually the movie looks interesting and presents a good acting role from Mischa, i really really hope that this movie puts her on the map again

  2. Chris K says:

    Mischa in Cannes is always good news !!! I hope that movie breaks her out of the horror circle …

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