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May 27, 2012
Posted by Sam   /   Filed Under : Apartment 1303, Movies, Video

Here is the first trailer for Mischa’s upcoming horror film (and her first 3D venture) titled Apartment 1303 3D. Oddly, Mischa isn’t featured a whole lot in the trailer despite receiving top billing. I don’t know the details of her character but this makes it seem like she’s in more of a supporting role.

On the plus side, the trailer effectively shows off the horror aspects of the film. It features intense scarce tactics unlike some of Mischa’s other works in this genre which have more of a thriller feel. I’m sure the 3D will look very cool on the big screen, *fingers crossed* it makes it to large theatrical distribution.

Trailer courtesy MonteCristo Entertainment.

4 responses to “Apartment 1303 3D – Trailer #1”

  1. D says:

    That chicks a horrid actress. Hope she’s not actually the main star and gets killed off in the first thirty minutes. The news articles made it seem like Rebecca & Mischa were the main stars.

  2. Rea Kazan says:

    The actress who stars in Apartment 1303 is fantastic and gorgeous too! I saw her once before and I think she is in Oliver Stone’s movie too! She is headed for an Oscar soon! Her name is Julianne Michelle. Mischa is not so much in the trailer. Rebecca DeMornay and Julianne Michelle are in more. Both great actors. Rebecca is still very beautiful!

  3. ij says:

    Does Mischa kind put on a bit more of an Americanised accent in some of her films or is it just me?

  4. ij says:

    Does Mischa kind of put on a bit more of an Americanised accent in some of her films or is it just me?

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