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April 10, 2011
Posted by Sam   /   Filed Under : Handbag Collection, News

Mischa Barton may not be the first person that comes to mind in the Reality TV world, but she stopped by the Reality Rock Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center and talked to “On The Red Carpet” host Chris Balish.

The model and actress shot to fame for her role as Marissa Cooper on the show “The OC,” and over the years has become a fashion fixture on the red carpet. Barton is now taking fashion into her own hands and launching her own handbag line.

“Fashion has always been something I’ve been really into,” said Barton. “Handbags in particular are just a great thing to design. Because as a woman you don’t have to try them on, they can be really beautiful and interesting and funky and change up your whole outfit. And they are a functional thing that you need every day.”

Barton says the inspiration of her line reflects her own eclectic style, drawing from high-end fashion to street fashion. “The bag line is a great way to link with fans and all these fashionable girls,” Barton told “On The Red Carpet.”

But she is at the Reality Rock Expo, so “On The Red Carpet” had to ask what reality shows grab her attention. “I like everyone else watch the funny bloopers on stuff, Snooki outtakes and Jersey Shore. We do watch that stuff, my friends and I,” said Barton. “I really like any of the dog shows. All those animal rescue shows. And I really like cake decorating. I go nutty for those cake decorating competitions. It’s amazing, I love that stuff.”

Even though her line is only available in stores in the UK and Japan, people in the US can purchase her handbags on the fashion website Bags will also be available at the Reality Rocks Expo, which finishes up Sunday April 10.

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Source: On the Red Carpet

4 responses to “Actress Mischa Barton chats about her new line of handbags”

  1. Kimm says:

    Docudrama and/or Docu-series are just the older term for a reality show. But if it makes her happier to us those terms, that’s great. It seems she sort of looks down on reality shows, and wasn’t too pleased to be there.

  2. Caleb says:

    I agree, she does seem to look down on reality shows (which is fine, as I do too). I sorta hope she doesn’t do a reality show. In another interview taken there she said she is taking a break from working. Her last movie was in December, kind of a big break lol.

  3. ij says:

    I didn’t get that she looked down on it really but reality shows are not to be taken seriously at all are they…they are garbage …always… but also a guilty pleasure…that bit about liking cake decorating shows though…was that a joke? I mean cake decorating…? Glad she seems happy though and she obviously wasn’t taking it that seriously…

  4. ij says:

    mind you I watch the cookery ones where people have to cook against other contestants and the clock and er…they make cakes on those sometimes and I love the four wedding ones and I probably watched every episode of Newlyweds with Jessica SImpson so I really should’nt be so judgemental….

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